At Sun Pure, we work with Independent, Third-Party Laboratories because they are not affiliated with the ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, or the company whose name appears on the product. This means, they have no interest with the outcome of the testing. This gives our customers greater confidence in the product.  Every product is subjected to numerous purity and potency assays to ensure that it meets label claims.


Every Sun Pure bottle goes through Potency, Purity and Integrity tests.



Potency testing ensures that the supplement strength is as expected. Some ingredients may degrade over time, reducing its strength. Having the potency testing done for every Sun Pure product, our customers can be confident that they are getting exactly want they expect from the product.



Purity test verifies that the product is safe and 100% genuine. The test ensures that the product is free of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, etc. and free of microbes, yeast, mold etc.



Integrity test verifies that the supplement contains the exact ingredients (active ingredient/s, other ingredients, shell ingredients etc.) the label says it contains.


At ‘Sun Pure’ we will have you living well and feeling Amazing! We offer the finest selection of supplements, which can perfectly complement a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Sun Pure’ helps you create a strong nutritional foundation with simple, clean yet effective formulas.

We use standardized extracts, clinically proven ingredients, potent herbal extracts, organic herb powders etc. to make Sun Pure products. We offer the optimum dosage for all our supplements making it easy to incorporate it into your diet.


Our products help to support a healthy heart, digestion, immune system function, weight management, energy and much more….




All ‘Sun Pure ®’ products come in recyclable amber glass bottles. These glass bottles are non-leaching, non-porous, and odorless. Glass bottles are more expensive than the regular plastic bottles in which most dietary supplements are packaged in. But, we use only glass bottles as they offer better protection against heat, light, and moisture.



We believe in Rising By Lifting Others. We are proud supporters of ‘Vitamin Angels’, a non-profit organization focused on combating childhood malnutrition around the world through vitamin supplementation. Every bottle of ‘Sun Pure ®’ you purchase helps generate a donation to Vitamin Angels, allowing them to deliver life changing vitamins to children in need.