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Sun Pure Niacin


Niacin, also called nicotinic acid, is a B vitamin (vitamin B3). It occurs naturally in plants and animals. Vitamin B3 may be found in meat, turkey, tuna fish, eggs, poultry products etc. Foods like bread and cereals are also rich in niacin. Niacin dietary supplement is used to prevent a lack of natural niacin in the body.


* *DIGESTION: As a member of B-complex vitamins, niacin aids in the normal functioning of the human digestive system, promoting a healthy appetite, properly functioning nerves, and a glowing skin.

* *MUSCLE HEALTH: People with weak muscles, digestive problems, skin irritation may have a vitamin B3 deficiency. An optimum Niacin dosage as recommended by a health care professional may serve beneficial

* *HEART HEALTH: Studies suggest that Niacin may serve very beneficial to support cardiovascular and arterial healthy.

* *SEXUAL HEALTH: Niacin helps in creating sex hormones promoting sexual health

* *ENERGY: Niacin performs the important function of converting proteins, carbohydrates and fats into energy.

* *COGNITIVE BENEFITS Niacin has been linked to cognitive benefits. It supports brain's neurological function promoting alertness, healthy memory, and supports overall brain health

* *ANTI-AGEING Niacin has also been linked to anti-aging. Along with supporting healthy brain function and healthy skin it also protects the body against toxins and pollutants, which reduces the effects of aging.

* *JOINT HEALTH: One of its primary uses is for supporting join health. It may be very effective in reducing the joint pain and stiffness. This effect is due in part to its ability to cause blood vessels around the joints to dilate. When taken regularly, it can increase joint movement and function and help to minimize pain.

* *Niacin may help to improve glucose tolerance of the body

Sun Pure Niacin Supplements is offered in Time Release Capsules for optimum absorption. Niacin supplements may sometimes temporarily cause flushing and/or itching, Time Release capsules might minimize those symptoms.

California Proposition 65 WARNING:-

“Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food."

The vitamin B complex is a group of eight closely related vitamins that are considered essential, meaning that your body cannot produce them on its own. Every serving of 2