Sun Pure Organic Folic Acid 360 Tablets

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Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9 or folate, is one of the 13 vitamins needed for overall health and well-being and an important part of the B vitamin complex. Folic acid has a number of important jobs to do in the body.
The vitamin:
- PROMOTES A HEALTHY PREGNANCY. Doctors typically recommend folic acid for pregnancy, as the nutrient is needed for proper nervous system development in babies and has been shown to decrease the risk of certain birth defects.
- HELPS WITH RED BLOOD CELL PRODUCTION. Without folic acid, your body can't properly produce red blood cells, which are needed to carry oxygen throughout the body.
- PROVIDES ENERGY SUPPORT. Folic acid is used by the body to turn carbohydrates into glycogen that can be burned to generate energy.
- BOLSTERS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Folate helps the immune system fight the effects of germs to support overall health and well-being.
- ASSISTS WITH HEART HEALTH. Working with vitamin B12, folate helps to keep levels of homocysteine regulated in the body. This has been shown to support a healthy cardiovascular system.
- SUPPORTS HEALTHY SKIN AND HAIR Many people take folic acid for hair growth and more beautiful skin because the vitamin plays a role in hair and skin cell production.
Benefit from vitamin B9 with folic acid 800 mcg capsules! Order Sun Pure Folic Acid for 360 of our folic acid pills.

California Proposition 65 WARNING:-

“Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food."

The vitamin B complex is a group of eight closely related vitamins that are considered essential, meaning that your body cannot produce them on its own. Every serving of 2